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Interactive Animations

Scroll down the page to view the five Interactive Animations for this chapter!

Please note: You may need the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in to do these exercises. Click here to download and install the latest version of the (free) Macromedia Flash Player. Some of the objects may require Java. If you are using a Macintosh (Mac OS 8.x or 9.x) you will need to download and install the Apple MRJ 2.2 Java RunTime engine.

Atomic Notation

Ever looked at a periodic table and wondered what all of the numbers beside each symbol mean? This very simple interactive activity will explain them to you. Simply roll the mouse over each feature to find out what the number is referring to.

Click here to start the interactive: Atomic Notation.

Fission Process

This simple animation shows you the first two steps of a fission chain reaction initiated by neutron bombardment. Click 'Run' to start the fission reaction.

Click here to start the interactive: Fission Process.


In this interactive activity, click on an isotope button – Protium, Deuterium or Tritium – and watch how the animation changes. What do you observe?

Click here to start the interactive: Isotopes.

Nuclear Stability

This interactive graph allows you to roll the cursor over the various locations of unstable radioactive nuclei to see examples of nuclear reactions that would result in more stable products.

Click here to start the interactive: Nuclear Stability.

Types of Radioactive Decay

This animation shows five modes of radioactive decay. Roll the mouse over each one to view an example of that decay type.

Click here to start the interactive: Types of Radioactive Decay.

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