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Interactive Animations

Interactive Animations

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Please note: You will need the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in to do these exercises. If the exercises do not appear or do not function properly, download and install the latest version of the (free) Macromedia Flash Player.

Physical and Chemical Changes

This animation shows what is happening at a molecular level when a physical or chemical change occurs. What differences do you note between the chemical and physical changes?

Click here to watch the animation Physical and Chemical Changes.

Atom X

You will have hours of fun creating and investigating the structure of the atom with this innovative animation. Build the first 20 atoms on the periodic table by adding protons, neutrons and electrons. See how the electrons move in energy levels, and then take the challenges to build and identify various atoms.

N.B.: This animation requires version 8 of the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in. You can obtain this plug-in for free. It just needs to be downloaded from:

Click here to watch the animation Atom X.

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